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Consulting Services

Alaska Specialty Products offers help with accountability and efficiency for our communities working overtime to keep their gaming permits current and running. 

Protecting your Gaming Permit

How being closed can impact your community

1. Lost revenue for your community

2. Loss of jobs

3. High turnover in gaming positions

4. Increased time closed due to highly frustrating paperwork and corrections to be completed.

How We Help

  • Advisement for monthly, quarterly, and annual gaming reports

  • Reducing or eliminating suspensions

  • QuickBooks training

  • Gaming manager training

  • Internal control manuals and training

  • Create responsibilities and accountability for every level of your organization

  • Point of sale accountability for tickets and cash

  • Ongoing support and advisement

  • Eliminating misappropriated tickets and/or cash (theft)

As the state asks for higher levels of accountability in the gaming industry, we all know it only takes one mistake to lose your gaming permit. Losing your permit costs your community valuable money to support needed services.

We have a program to assess, advise, and protect your organization from losing your permit on every level. From dealers and supervisors, to council and administrators, we can provide accountability training for every person in your organization.

Contact for Consulting Services

Lomi Kapisi

Accountability Specialist


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